Crushed (The Crystal Brook Billionaires)

Tormented by guilt and desire, will Claire make the right decision in order to find the happiness she deserves?

Everything in Claire Lawrence’s life has finally fallen into place. She has independence, a great job, and a new boyfriend — one who makes her believe, for the first time ever, in things like soulmates and love at first sight. But tragedy strikes, leaving Claire shattered, shaken, and trying to make sense of the world. In despair, she returns to Crystal Brook and her childhood home, hoping to heal her crushed soul.

When sexy Owen Burke knocks on her door, she feels like her heart might beat again. But guilt makes her force him away, keep him at arm’s length, even when everything inside her wants to pull him close. Makes her want to believe in love again.

Only if grief, that tricky bitch, doesn’t crush everything in its wake.

Who will win? Claire? Owen? Or the grave?

This is a full-sized STANDALONE novel with an HEA and NO CLIFFHANGERS.


I thought Crushed was fantastic, it had all the great things you need in a romance: passion, a little bit of drama and angst, love, and an awesome hero and heroine. Owen was the perfect BBF, sweet and sexy. Claire, even in her crushed state, was great for Owen, though she fought it, didn’t even realize it at first.


Dang! What a great read! Claire & Owen’s story was beautifully written! I was on an emotional rollercoaster with Claire story! A summer must read!

Kindle Customer