“So… I think we’ve done enough talking, don’t you?” I asked, my gaze falling to his lips.

He didn’t answer. He didn’t have to. His lips told me everything I needed to know when they crashed down on mine. A warm, rough palm covered my breast and squeezed as his tongue danced with mine. Damn, he could kiss.

“You taste so good,” he murmured against my mouth, “τόσο γλυκό.”

I didn’t have a clue to what he’d just said, but I didn’t care as I pressed myself closer to him, my fingers finding the soft strands of his hair. We’d barely begun, but this was already my best sexual experience. I’d never had a man take so much time with just this… kissing and caressing, murmuring words that made me feel like a goddess to him.

“Are you as sweet everywhere?”

I couldn’t answer because his lips were trailing down my mouth and over my nipples. He sucked deeply, and I felt the pull down to my toes. I cried out, and instead of softening his movements, he took the other into his mouth and sucked even harder.

I writhed, wrapping my legs around his waist and pulling his head harder to me. He bit my skin, and I wailed, wondering at how pain could feel so good.

Before I could think too much on it, he was moving again, trailing kisses down my stomach. Nibbling at my hip bone, he hooked the top of my panties with his thumbs and dragged them down my thighs and around my ankles before they were on the floor.

Kneeling between my legs, he pushed my thighs apart, spreading me wider. I watched his face as he looked at me. Watched him lick his lips as his thumbs spread my folds apart.

I squirmed, not used to being examined so thoroughly, and his eyes flashed up to meet mine. I stilled under the direct gaze.

“Όπως ένα λουλούδι,” he murmured.

“What does that mean?” I asked, surprised I was able to form the question.

“It means, ‘like a flower,’” he said, his thumbs spreading me again. “Your body is like the petals, and all I have to do is peel them back to find the sweet center.”

Everything about him was a seduction. His accent. His words. His scent. His gaze. The rough calluses on his hands as they stroked across my skin.

He ran a finger up my center. “And already so wet for me.” He lifted the finger to his mouth and tasted. A low moan left him. “Γλυκός.”

I was going to ask him what he meant, what the language was that he spoke, even though I’d earlier declined to know. But even as the words were about to leave my lips, he lifted my hips and his mouth came down on me.

And I was scrabbling backwards, twisting, reaching, crying out as his tongue and teeth sent a shot of electric sensations I wasn’t able to name or describe.

He gripped my hips harder, holding me still while he feasted, sucking my flesh into his mouth, nearly sending me over the edge.

Seb opened his eyes, watching me as his mouth and tongue worked, and that made what he was doing to me even more intense.

“So. Good,” I managed between pants.

He smiled and murmured against me. “Yes, it is.”

And just when I thought I couldn’t feel any more, he lowered my ass to the bed and settled on his belly. While his teeth settled over my clit, scraping the sensitive nerves, a long, wide finger slipped into my body, soon followed by a second.

I came unglued, pulling at his hair, begging for, “More,” even though I wasn’t even sure what more looked like.

His tongue circled my clit as his fingers worked the inside of my body, knuckles twisting and scraping over my internal walls. Then…

“Yes. Please.”

I arched from the bed as his fingers thrusted and stroked, causing my vision to grow white as the orgasm built in a rush within me. It hit me so fast, I screamed from the intensity.

I’d seen movies and read novels and had always rolled my eyes when the heroine screamed and wailed during sex. But holy hell. The harder I tried to keep my mouth closed, the louder I seemed to get until I simply no longer cared and let the sensations do to me what they would.

Still trembling, I felt the loss of his warmth as he pulled away. Finally able to clear my vision, I focused in on him rolling a condom down his thick length.


I was a photographer not a writer, and even if I had been a poet, I wasn’t sure I would have been able to say more than that one word.

Seb grinned as he finished with the condom and settled his hips between my thighs, pressing his lips to mine again. I could taste myself, smell my scent on his mouth, and I licked at his lips, loving the combination of his body and mine.

“Do you know how sexy you are, my sweet little Iliana?”

My focus was pulled away from his mouth and to his eyes looking down on me.

He was so big, his entire torso covered most of my length, and I again wondered how we’d ever be able to fit together.

“I feel sexy with you,” I admitted, and wrapped my legs around him, although he was too wide for my feet to meet and hook together.

He shifted his hips, and the tip of his cock settled at my entrance, causing me to catch my breath.

“Look at me,” he ordered, and I did, captured by the brown eyes that seemed even darker now, even as the gold rings around his pupils appeared to glow.

For some stupid reason, emotion climbed up my chest and up my throat and into my face, burning my sinuses and behind my eyes.

He was just looking at me so… completely. Almost tenderly. I barely knew him, but I’d never had anyone look at me like that. Like he was seeing me.

Knowing me.

In one swift movement of his hips, he was inside me, spreading me wide, and all tenderness fled as raw, primal power took its place.

He was right. We fit perfectly together for some strange reason. And while my head was caged between his forearms, his hands pulled my head back so our lips could meet again. Even though the angle was awkward, I would have stretched and contorted myself however I needed to in order to have his tongue gliding against mine.

“You are so perfect.”

The emotion rose again but was soon overtaken by other feelings as he seriously began to move. Although he caused no pain, I was stretched. Not just between my legs but everywhere as I tried to hang on to his wide body. As he picked up speed, it became impossible for our mouths to continue to meet, and I found myself pressing my face into his chest, his chin cradling my head.

“I want you to come beneath me,” he said, moving harder and faster, the sweat from both our bodies causing us to glide against one another.


I was close, which was another surprise to our coupling. Seb seemed have been touching some button inside me that made me multiorgasmic in a way I’d never been before.

He growled and hooded an elbow under my knee, changing the angle. And, holy hell, his pubic bone ground into my clit, sending electrical jolts through the nerve endings and into every part of me.

Pressing my face into his chest, I held on as the second orgasm ripped through me but he didn’t stop moving, which caused the climax to feel like it would never end.

Then I was on top of him, straddling his hips, as he plunged up and into me over and over.

Balancing with my hands on his chest, I caught my breath and began to move too. I wanted to give back, move with him, pleasure him as he was pleasuring me. From the hard glint in his eyes and sharp set of his jaw, I was succeeding.

I was impaled, and I wasn’t quite sure how my much smaller body was so accepting of his. As I lifted up to my knees, I looked down to watch, needing to see.

“I told you we’d fit.”

His deep voice made me smile, and I looked up his expanse of chest to find his dimples winking at me.

“You did, and we do.”

“I’m not sure how long I can last like this,” he said with a low laugh, and the thought that I was pushing this strong man’s limits was pretty empowering. Putting more weight onto my knees, I began to rock my hips, grinding into him, reading the tension on his face and how his hands gripped my hips, urging me to move faster.

My head was swimming from the change in position, but the connection between us was grounding enough to keep me balanced. Leaning forward, I put my hands on both sides of his head and let all my inhibitions about how I might look or what the hell I was actually doing go. I simply felt the connection between this beautiful man and myself, and that was about all it took. I felt the orgasm starting to build once more and pushed harder against him as my hips worked.

“Σκατά,” he ground out, and although I had no idea what the word meant, I thought I probably agreed.

Seb placed both hands on my ass and pushed me harder as my body found the perfect angle against his and the ecstasy exploded. Suddenly, I didn’t care about the cries or the moans coming from either of us — I only cared about riding that orgasm as far as it would take us. Which I thought might be to the end of the universe and back.

A few moments after we’d come down from the rush, I was collapsed against Seb’s chest and trying to catch my breath.

“Wow,” was all I could manage, and his chest rumbled with laughter. His lips pressed into my hair, his big hands stroking up and down my back.

We lay that way for a long time, neither of us talking as the sweat dried between us. When I finally found the strength to push up on my hands, he lifted his head to kiss me.

This kiss was sweet and tender, and I sank down on him again, surrendering to the feel of him, the taste.

When he began to swell inside me again, I laughed. “So soon?”

“As many times as I can manage before sunrise, Squeaks.”

The sound of my nickname on his lips did something strange to me, but I brushed it aside and began to ride him once again…

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