“Did you seriously just laugh at me?”

I didn’t know if I should be amused or offended by the fact that Gemma had giggled in my face just seconds before I was going to taste her.

No, it wasn’t a giggle. It was a full belly laugh. The kind that would have shot water all over my face if she’d had any handy.

She recovered quickly and shook her head. “I’m sorry,” she said, still grinning. “It’s just a long, silly story. For another time. Not now. Definitely not now.”

I lifted a brow, curious despite my arousal. “Yes, now.” I moved my thumb, pressing it directly on her clit. “Tell me why you laughed. I really want to know.”

She arched into the touch, her lower lip slipping into her mouth. “Later,” she moaned as I moved my thumb in a circle.

I nipped the inside of her thigh with my teeth and she gasped, giving me her full attention. “Why did you laugh? Tell me, and I’ll give you a reward.”

She frowned at that, and I saw the war going on in her mind. She didn’t want to tell me, but she also didn’t want to miss out on what I was about to do.

“It’s stupid.” She moaned as I applied pressure with my thumb. “And embarrassing.”

Even better.

“Tell me,” I said, moving my index finger lower, sliding the tip between her pretty pink lips, giving her additional sensation.

When she didn’t say anything, I abruptly stopped.

“Oh my god,” she breathed, her voice very close to a whine. “Don’t stop. Please don’t stop.”

“Tell me why you laughed.”

With a groan, she hit the bed beside her, but I knew I’d won.

“Fine,” she said, lifting her head to lock eyes with me. “But you better not stop touching me.”

I chuckled, more than a little self-satisfied with her demands. I resumed the movements with my fingers, watching them slide over her glistening flesh. Damn, she was so wet. So responsive. I couldn’t wait to eat my fill.

“The night before we had our first real meeting, the one with the questionnaire…” she began, then groaned when I slipped a finger inside her. When she stopped her story, I stopped my movement. She cursed and continued, “I had a really dirty dream about you. And you made that exact same face in it that you did just then.”

I added a second finger and her hands fisted into the sheets. “You also gave me that exact same smirk at the restaurant, which was why I spit the water in your face.”

I grinned and inhaled her scent as her arousal grew even more intense. She’d had a dirty dream about me after our first meeting? Good. I’d been thinking about her pretty much nonstop since that day too.

I rewarded Gemma’s honesty by removing my fingers, replacing them with my mouth.

Her reaction was gratifying and sexy as hell as she swore under her breath and rotated her hips against my mouth.

I feasted on her hot flesh but also fed her reaction, listening to her cry out my name when I pushed two fingers up and inside her again while my tongue circled her clit.

She tasted like heaven, her scent intoxicating. Her sweet little noises. Her fingers gripping my hair. Her thighs crushing my head between them.

I loved it all.

Twisting my hand until I found the rough patch of nerves behind her pubic bone, I curled my fingers, stroking her there. Her legs trembled, and her body tightened, her pussy clamping down on my fingers like a fist.

Taking her clit between my teeth, I sucked it deep into my mouth, stroking the sensitive bud with my tongue, working her on both the inside and the outside until…


She exploded, and it was like a miracle to witness. To hear. To feel.

I kept licking, stroking, driving her through the orgasm, making it last until I could get her to another.

I was an animal, feasting on her flesh. Devouring. Making her mine.

She came again, this time screaming my name. Her hands pulling at my hair was an agony I relished.

“Need you…” The words were broken as I pushed away from her and tore my pants from my body. I found a condom in the nightstand and hurriedly rolled it on.

Her eyes met mine as I climbed up her body. “Tell me you want this.”

She was still panting, her breath warm on my face. “Want. This. Please. Now. I—”
She wailed as I drove inside her tight body, her nails coming down on my back, raking my skin. I didn’t care. The pain only added to the pleasure.

She was warm and tight and perfect, and I held perfectly still for a long moment, taking her in, searing this moment on my brain.

Gemma’s long legs wrapped around my waist, and when I’d stayed still for too long, she let me know by using them to move me against her, beginning the perfect friction between us that I knew would make short work of a mutual orgasm.

“Fuck, baby,” I growled as I began to move, feeling my cock slide over those delicate tissues. “You’re perfect. So fucking perfect.”

She pulled my head to hers and kissed me with a ferocity that surprised me as I moved harder and faster against her. I worried I might have been starting out too rough for our first time together, but the moans, groans, and claw marks on my back let me know I was doing exactly what she wanted.

Chemistry, baby.

I’d wanted chemistry, but even I didn’t know the pure definition of it… until now.
I felt the tension in her body growing, and I knew I wasn’t far, so I reached between us and found that magic bundle of nerves once again. Working her clit while we worked against each other, I slammed into her over and over.

Gemma went first, letting out a cry and gouging my back with her nails as she came unglued beneath me.

The tingle at the base of my spine let me know that I wasn’t far behind, and I let myself go, burying my face in her throat, biting on the tendon between her neck and her shoulder, sucking hard as I came. She squirmed and let out another cry as
I did it, clutching me tight with her entire body.

Spent, I pressed another kiss to the soft spot on her shoulder and pressed my lips to hers.

“Don’t fall asleep,” I said as I got up and moved to the bathroom to toss the used condom.

We were only getting started.

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