Reclaiming My Wife

Reclaiming My Wife

We were young and stupid then. We’re older and wiser now. But some things never change.

Eight years ago, she was the only woman to heat my blood and make me lose all my senses. I gave her my last name, but within a year, it was over.

Now, she’s back in my life and wants the divorce that was never finalized. I want that too, after I get what’s mine.

True, I’m not the same college boy she’d married, and she’s not the wild, carefree woman I could never tame. But I still burn for her, and now that she’s back on my ranch, this cowboy will do whatever it takes to melt his ice princess.


This definitely pulls at the heartstrings.. It’s a really well told second chance love story.. I loved it from the beginning.. Brendan & Jillian go through so much to get to their HEA & it’s a thoroughly entertaining story.

Erika H

I loved this book and think it’s the best to date that I’ve read by Jessica Blake. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next book.



The atmosphere was shifting toward a very dangerous direction, and gravity felt heavier and more consuming the longer I was quiet. “Okay.” My voice shook just a little bit.

“I touch you because I want to touch you. Because I enjoy touching you. Very much.” He kept moving toward me. “Because—”

“Because you missed touching me?” I finished hesitantly. I should have stepped away from him. Stopped him. All I had to do was say no, and he would leave me alone. I just needed to say it.

“Do you know what else I want to do? What else I enjoyed doing? Very much?” His eyes darkened as his hands circled my waist. My hem lifted, and his calloused thumb caressed my bare skin.

Shivering, I lifted my face toward him. “What’s that?”

“Kiss me, and I’ll show you.”

It was an invitation. A challenge. For him or for me, I didn’t even know, and I didn’t care.

Was it really such a terrible idea to enjoy each other physically while we played at being man and wife? Maybe it would help with our act. Maybe it would help put the past in the past.

Screw it. I was just justifying.

And I didn’t care…

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