The Bluegrass Billionaire Trilogy

This is the complete box set of The Bluegrass Billionaire Trilogy by Alice Ward and Jessica Blake, containing all three books of the series: Bluegrass Seduction, Bluegrass Obsession, and Bluegrass Rebellion.

Bluegrass Seduction:
Willful and self-entitled, Auggie Langford has enjoyed privilege all her life. The daughter of a wealthy equine family in Kentucky, her life is ideal. Except for her bitch of a mother. And the man who makes her insides twist.

Bent on embarrassing his father, Worthington LaViere, III uses his position as a highly respected psychologist to delve into the secrets he wants to explore. Especially the old money of the Bluegrass set. And Auggie. The green-eyed temptress he’s unable to strike from his thoughts.

Auggie and Worth. Pure and corrupt. Love and hate.

It’s the beginning of a dynasty built on a legacy of greed, selfishness, and pure wickedness. Just remember, anything built on a foundation of lies can topple at any moment.

Bluegrass Obsession:
Although a handsome and respected psychologist, Worth is unable to free himself from the curse of his father’s past. Nor can his beautiful wife, Auggie. Her mother’s deceit spawned the devil incarnate. A brother who rises from the depths of hell to haunt them with hatred and retribution.

Evil and manipulative, Linc doesn’t care who he hurts to get what he wants and must be stopped before he goes too far. Can Worth and Auggie fight him and rise above it all, finding salvation in each other? More importantly, can they protect their family from the legacy of inherited evil?

Bluegrass Rebellion:
The LaViere men – wealthy, controlling, self-centered and willful. Although generations separated them, they retained their legacies of power. Magnetic and perpetually driven to excel, their appetites for dominance over their women was unrelenting. While their wealth set them apart, the cost of those they destroyed was greater than any fortune imaginable.

Auggie, the copper-haired beauty who mentally jousted with her handsome Worth paid her price and yet asked for more. Liane, the sensitive creature with intuitive empathy sought to conquer her Hawk and paid her price as well – yet neither of them could deny themselves their men.

A saga of generations where wealth was measured by the foes they conquered. Psychological swordplay left only a few standing. Who would they be?

This is the complete series, containing all three full-sized novels, with an HEA and No Cliffhangers.


You will find yourself laughing, crying, frustrated, exasperated, upset, mourning, jumping for joy and every other emotion you can imagine as you follow Auggie and Worth’s journey. You will fall in love with and also hate their three children at ties. The troubles are abundant, but the rewards are greater.


This series was incredible! I loved the first book learning about Worth and Auggie. Their love was really amazing. The second book was just as good as the years went by and everything started to change. The last book was my undoing! It was so emotional that at one point I had tears running down my cheeks. I loved how it ended but I won’t tell you anything about it!! You must get this boxed set yourself!! So worth it and a great read!!!

C. Scott